Awakening To A Wolf

Konrad dragged himself out of the blackness, spitting it out, trying to regain conciousness. He clawed up the walls of his mental prison. He heard echoes of Pandora's voice, and it drew him up, but he was overtaken by the rising darkness. He got lost again. He'd tried to shout a single word, but he'd barely heard it, so there was no way they would have. He was determined to tell them. Struggling, he rose above the darkness again, and changed his mental form. Suddenly, he had wings and flew faster than ever before, rising above the blackness quickly.

He was still rising what felt an hour later.  Finally, he heard Pandora say something about Isabella. He shot out the top of his prison, feeling the light caress his wings gently. 


Isabella watched intently as Konrad started breathing more heavily. If her heart had worked, it would have started beating faster. She started praying to the Mother of Night. Eventually, Konrad's eyes flitted open. She was about to say something when he transformed. He became a wolf, the same size as a man at the shoulder, and leapt at the 'human'. He took one swipe at it opened a huge gash along it's flank.

"What are you?" he growled, the human voice sounding disembodied.

The End

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