Ashton's intructions

Roxy started pacing back and forth. Ashton looked up at her worridly. Roxy stopped and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair looked crazy but her eyes looked crazier. She paused and gripped the counter. She sighed and looked up at her self. She wetted her hands and smoothed down her wild brown hair. There was nothing she could do about her eyes. She slowly walked back to Ashton.

She kneeled down and looked at Ashton intently. " Ok, I'm going to need you to do some grown up stuff but I know you can do it. You know that silver ball you saw in your mind? Well...I need you to bring it to me. Meet me here lets an hour?"

Ashton nodded numbly.

 " Do you understand?" Roxy asked

 Ashton nodded and then frowned and shook her head.

 " When's an hour?"

" Let me see your watch" Roxy said

Ashton lifted up her entire arm. Roxy grunted anony then pulled Ashton sleeve slowly down the length of her arm to reveal a chunky Dora the explorer watch.

 " Ok...It's not 2am" Roxy muttered

" I got it in a cornflakes box. Mommy won't buy sugar cereals anymore cause I might have ADD." Ashton gabbed

" Ok...When this ll turns to a 12 I want you to meet me back in here, whether or not you have the ball." Roxy instructed

Ashton nodded but did she really understand? Did she really know what she was getting into.

The End

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