Konrad watched as Pandora moaned and twitched in her sleep. Then she yelled out, "NO!" Konrad was falling, it felt like he was drifting into a deep sleep, unable to do anything conciously, but he could still hear, and see.

"Konrad?" he heard Pandora say, her voice seeming weak compared to how it usually was, before his vision went. The last thing he saw was her crawling towards him. He knew he'd put too much energy in, he was going to finally die... He almost embraced death, and then he heard a sob... He didn't know whose, but he wouldn't let himself be the cause of any more pain. He clawed back at reality, but he was sinking, falling further into the clinging darkness. He distantly heard a familiar voice cry out "Help!" It wasn't Pandora, it was... Isabella? Why would she want to help him? She'd had her descendants track him since he turned her. She'd wanted him dead for decades. Konrad lost track of these thoughts as the blackness finally overwhelmed him.

The End

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