Pandora, Pandora...

Pandora tossed her head from side to side. She wanted to wake up from this nightmare.

She was all alone, a dark room, no it wasn't even a room it was just nothingness. She heard someone's voice.. Silvas? "Pandora, Pandora..." His ghostly voice murmerred. Suddenly light flushed in from the caged windows, moonlight. She thrashed her body around but alas, she could not move. She pulled tried to pull herself away but silver chains held her fast to the wall, Silvas looked into her face and spat. "Good, your awake." He growled. He glanced at a table beside him, upon which a silver whip, with 3 silver chains coming from the leather handle.

The room was dark, a few candles flickered in the corner. They were placed upon the table next to the silver switch. The floor was stained with blood, her blood. The moonlight shone into the room casting an eerie shadow across Silvas' face. Silvas, his silver hair was messy and tumbled across his pale face. His red eyes full of hunger, and anger. The chains around his waist clunk together, the crosses that dangled from them reflected the light across the dank walls. A cross for every prisoner that had died by his hand.

"You tried to run away again, well, you will never see the outside of this room again." He sneared spitting on the floor. "Now, for your punishment." He picked up the whip. Pandora closed her eyes. She felt the silver hit her skin, slicing into her flesh. The silver burning. She screamed out and Silvas smiled, taking in her pain. Silvas put down the whip and moved close to Pandora. He pushed himself upon her, kissing her violently before he scratched down her cheek. The silver cross around Pandora's neck boiled the blood as it trickled from her cheek. Silvas smiled and bit into her neck. "No.." She murmerred.

"No!" She cried sitting herself up. She felt her neck, the wounds had healed. She placed her hand in her pocket, picked up the cross and threw it across the roof. Her breathing was heavy.  She looked around. "Konrad?" She saw a blurred image in front of her, it looked drained and weak. Tears ran down her face from her nightmare she looked at Silvas' dead body and sighed. She never wanted to see him again.

The End

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