What Did I Just Say?

She asked what they were. Konrad growled heavily.

"Didn't I just say you don't need to know anymore? Are you stupid? Why am I surrounded by imbeciles?" he asked of nothing in particular. He threw her hand away from him, spinning her around and then he walked off towards the front of the roof. He felt a draw, something pulling him away from the airport... A Link, he was sure. He just didn't know which one. He had five, one for each of the other surviving Elders and one for a basilisk that he'd saved. The basilisk had gone by the name of Basilic, and had promised to hunt Rogues alongside him if Konrad would heal him. Which Konrad had then done.

Konrad delved into his mind, and felt the Link. It was Basilic, on a red bus heading towards the airport, quickly. And... There was something else. He threw his conciousness towards the bus, getting closer and closer. There was a vampire on it, and something that seemed vampire but wasn't. That wasn't good. He didn't know what it could be, but there was no way it would help him. But Basilic's debt might be paid soon, paid with the life of a notorious Rogue, for Konrad recognised the aura of the full vampire on that bus. 

He knew that he'd need help. Even he couldn't control a Rogue and his, seeming, apprentice. He walked over to Pandora. 

"Hey. Come on, Pandora," he whispered into her ear as he examined the puncture wounds. He placed his hand over them and concentrated. He'd never been very good at healing others. he always made the wounds, not healed them. He pumped power into her, trying to fight the poison sucking the strength from her. He kept pumping it in until he almost keeled over. "Pandora, I need your help... Please... Come on." He muttered the last two words angrily, starting to feel that she was resisting him. But no, that was madness. Why would she do that? She had so much to live for, now Silvas was just a smear on the roof.

The End

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