Sedate Your Thirst!

Pandora coughed and spluttered as she sat up. Her head felt very heavy and spun for a while. She slowly got to her feet to see what had happened. Jet was alive, Silvas was... eugh. The sight of Silvas smeared across the roof made her nearly want to be sick. She also saw.. A human!? She saw the look in Konrad's eyes and rushed over, placing herself between him and the human. "Sedate your thirst friend!" She shouted weakly. She fell to her knees. She was not yet ready to stop a vampire from blood-lust. She couldn't even walk.

Her head began to spin again, black spots appeared in her vision and her thoughts became blurred. Her body was still fighting off the venom. She thought of what would happen to her if she couldn't fight it off. She had never been so afraid in her whole life.   

The End

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