What, Pray, is Your Name?

Konrad smiled back uncertainly at Jet and then looked to the human. His face was human, but he decided to do the whole patronising, millenia-old 'act'. 

"And what, pray, is your name, human? I am Konrad, and this is Jet. That is all you need to know, any more and I would need to snap your pretty little neck and wouldn't that be a shame?" and he sneered at her, willing her to say something snappy so he could kill her. He licked his lips and breathed in. He opened his eyes and they were scarlet, full of desire. He wanted blood. He needed it. He let the armour dissolve into nothing, and approached her. He held out his hand, which she took with obvious reservations. "Welcome to our little piece of paradise. I hope you enjoy, human."

The End

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