You just walked into a freak show.

A figure steps out of the elevator and stops dead as she sees us. I’m not surprised. I’m unable to hide my true form anymore, Konrad is also in his true form, armour and all, and there’s a dead vampire smeared across the roof. Oh and the others, whose names I forget. Alex looks around, confused as to why Konrad and I have stopped talking.

‘What the...’ the figure says, her eyes trying to take in our unfamiliar shapes. I try once again to create a human glamour. It’s draining and I’m unable to talk much, but I just about manage it, though I’m sure there are the spider web lines of black across my skin again. She laughed uncertainly. ‘That did not just happen. Tell me you didn’t just change from a big black blob to a human?’ she took a step forward, almost drawn in by us. I shake my head and Konrad speaks.

‘What are you talking about?’ he says. I look around. He’s still wearing the armour, but his face is human. I smile and he returns it uncertainly.

The End

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