The screen where my flight was said it would be delayed 4 hours because of a snow storm occuring in the middle east and the flight had to land.

"Great just great." I mutter to myself. My name is Zoey. I have red hair and the slightest hint of blonde on my bangs.  I have glasses, and I usually wear my hair down.

My sketchpad sits on my lap. I look out the window and see planes lifting off and out of view. I wonder if this airport has a roof... I could draw up there I mean I am going to be here for four more hours at the least... . I get up and gather my thing and walk to the nearest elevator. I see a button that say: do not touch "roof"

I push it and the elevator slowly moves up and to the roof some music play. Hearing the soft ding I close my eye and hear the door open I want the inspiration of the sky and nature. Steping out I sniff and a smell reaches my nose. I open my eyes in shock.

There are others up here?

The End

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