Cold mind.

I don’t really remembered what happened. All I know is I’m in rather a lot of pain. The demon and Konrad are standing over me, concerned. I almost scream with joy as I realise I’m not seeing this from outside of my body. I’m in control again! I feel a weird coldness at the back of my mind. I don’t like that. Not felt that before. The memory is coming back, though. I remember losing control. I attacked the first vampire I laid eyes on – Silvas. I look around, sitting up and see Silvas torn open and strewn across the roof. I feel sick. I remember the demon and Konrad putting something in my mouth. I can still taste it.

‘How do you feel?’ the demon asks, the dark figure on my right, Konrad on my left.

‘I’m... feeling kinda weird, actually.’ I tell them. I would say the demon looks at Konrad but I can’t really tell. It doesn’t have much of a face, but I can kinda guess that it did, because Konrad looks up at the demon.

‘Weird in what way?’ Konrad asks.

‘You try losing control and seeing everything you do as an out of body experience and maybe you’ll get it!’ I retort, vaguely bitter that he had ignored me long enough for it to happen in the first place. Konrad inhales sharply, his nostrils flaring. He closes his eyes and regains his composure. ‘Anything else feel odd?’ I think for a second and other than the cold in my head I can’t feel anything else.

‘There’s this... weird coldness. In my mind. I don’t know what it is, though.’ I say, trying to explain it in a way that makes sense and would make sure they don’t just call me crazy – though I’m sure I’m a bit beyond that already. Thankfully, the demon nods, or appears to.

‘That would be me, Alex. I had to subdue the beast. You’ll still get the hunger, but hopefully, that lock will stay in place and you can’t lose control again. And I’m not entirely sure what the mix of our blood did to you. Maybe Konrad can explain that one.’ He says standing up.

The End

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