I feel so strange. Usually, the powers from the underworld are muted and it’s hard to draw on them. Now, though, I’ve recovered five times faster than usual, without drawing on much pain around me. I can feel the underworld clearer than ever. I breathe the power in. Actually, I don’t like it. It’s not right, unnatural. Worried, I pick myself up off the cold concrete and look up. Alex is fighting with everyone on the roof, the screeches echoing around. I’m surprised the humans haven’t sent in a SWAT team, or whatever it is they have in this part of the world.

I consider going up and helping, but that thought lasts all of three seconds. I had only just picked myself up, but I’m thrown to the ground again, landing on my knees heavily. My mind is filled with random flashing images of fire and Lucifer, and my chest tightens as I struggle for breath. And then the images are gone. The pressure around me lingers for a second before escaping into the air. I open my eyes, and see the world spinning around me. I blink and the airport comes back into focus. Groaning, I get up and stager into the waiting area, dropping into the first chair I come across. What was that all about? I wipe a little sweat from my forehead and think about it, but I can’t come to any conclusions. I can’t come to many ideas, either.

My thoughts drift to the vampire fight above me. I get the feeling I should be doing something about it, but what use would I be? That’s for Konrad to sort out, surely? I look around vaguely at the new faces milling around. Feeling better, and bored, I get up to order a mocha to go. The person on the counter looks at me strangely.

‘What?’ I snap and he shakes his head, turning aside to make the drink. I run my hand through my hair and let out a gust of breath, feeling drained, despite the energy around me. I feel like I’m falling apart. Maybe I am. It would explain the odd look the guy keeps giving me. I glare at him and when he’s done making my drink I snatch it from him, grab a couple of sweeteners and stalk off.

‘Hey!’ the guy shouts after me. ‘You didn’t pay!’ I turn around, a few metres away from the counter now.

‘So?’ I ask, and carry on walking. I find myself in the men’s room. I slam the mocha down on the side between two sinks and lean forward, staring at my reflection. I was right, my glamour is falling apart. A spider’s web of black lines shatters my skin, the fragments sitting on the rippling darkness beneath. I grit my teeth and repair the damage, but it quickly comes undone again. I growl at my reflection and frustrated, smash the untouched mocha. The hot liquid burns my hand but I don’t care. I think it’s something to do with the underworld’s energy being here. In the underworld there’s no need for a glamour and they’re harder to keep intact down there. But on the plus side, you can also teleport around. It would be impossible to get anywhere without that power. I test it in the empty bathroom, teleporting from one end of it to the other. I smile grimly, looking at my reflection. I drop the glamour and feel the relief as it ceases to be a drain on my powers. I close my eyes and picture the roof of the airport as I last saw it. Instantly I’m in the middle of the fight.

Konrad screams at me and throws a dagger at me, avoiding Alex’s animalistic blows. The other vampires – the surviving ones, that is – are trying to restrain Alex, but they’re not doing a very good job of it. I part and the dagger soars through a hole in my stomach harmlessly.

‘I’m here to help, Konrad.’ I tell him as I pass him, approaching the out of control vampire. He watches warily as I rip Alex from the women’s grasp. He claws wildly at me, shredding the liquid darkness that forms my body. It has no effect, and I drag him away from the others. I set about breaking the struggling vampire’s bones, immobilising him and I pin him to the ground. He trembles with pure fear as I force him to look at me. I feel his bones healing quickly and in a rush, I enter his mind, gaining control of the beast inside of his human shell.

The End

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