A new face

My shoes scuff some of the tile on the floor. Why does the starbucks line have to be so huge? I sit in a blue plastic chair near my gate. I sip some coffee, and move some of my read hair out of my face. I am not the prettiest of the female kind. One of my bags vibrate. Grabbing it I sift through finding my phone . Then I see my sketch pad and some colored pencils. Grabbing it I start to flip through and then see a empty page,my hand force me to draw.

When I draw I zone out everything around me and just focus on the image I want to draw. At first I draw a curve then two circles with a little dark dot in each. I guess I'm trying to draw a face but whose is it. It's certainly not mine.  Is it? I draw another line then another creating a chin then ears annd I drawa shagged bangs covering the left eye I erase it and make it barely cover the eye.  I draw the hair down to the shoulders. The person looks mismatched and incomplete. I think that person is me.

"Flight 423 is delayed." The person breaths deeply and the continues to annouce other delayed flights. My flights delayed...great. 

The End

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