Another clue...

There was something disturbing about seeing a child suffer so. Roxy watched Ashton twist and turn on the thinly carpeted pavement floors. Her mouth was open but no scream came out. Just thin gasps of air. Then all of a sudden the noise stopped. Roxy was suddenly sure she was dead. But then Ashton sat up. Her already messy hair was now escaping from her braids. Ashton looked around at the gathering crowd.

Some asked if she was okay. He father nodded and asked them all to go and give her some space. But Roxy hovered. Ashton looked at her.

She muttered " I have to go to the bathroom..."

Her father nodded " Ok we will go..."

" I'm four years old now...I want to go by myself now" Ashton said not looking at her father

" Ofcourse. I'll just be on the other side of the door if you need any help" He muttered uncertain

Ashton took her fathers hand and they looked around for the washroom sign. Roxy already knew where it was. So she made a beeline for the women's washroom.

Roxy sat down in the corner by the hand dryers. Moments later the bathroom door swung open. Ashton eyes immetialey meet Roxy's. Ashton slowly sits accross from Roxy.

Roxy slowly breaks the silence " What does it all mean?"

Ashton was tired from her seizure she closed her eyes and shook her head uncertain. Roxy followed suit. Their finger tips extended and reached out barely touching.

It was then only two people felt the earth quake and consume with fire...

Roxy's eyes snapped open " Why would I want something that opened a door way to hell?"

The End

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