Ashton meets Cade

Ashton started picking up her markers. She already knew in five minutes or perhaps less he would want to go sit closer to their excit. One by one she plunked them into her pencil case. But it held markers so she called it her marker case. Ashton looked up at her father she saw the tell-tale sign and stretch.

Then he muttered " We should sit closer to where our plane will be..."

Ashton nodded and dropped her pencil case into her Dora back pack. She quickly stood up and waited for her father to follow. She let him lead her to where she knew they would be sitting. As soon as they had found their spot Ashton ripped her bag open and threw out the crayons and her pad of paper.

She had to figure out what the triangle thingy meant. She was to busy drawning that she didn't hear the other family sit accross from them.

A large women said something that Ashton didn't here.

" Ashton someone's talking to you" Her father said

Ashton looked up at the woman and then back at her paper.

The women raised her eyebrows. But Ashton didn't care. They could think what they wanted to think. There was something greater bigger on this piece of paper.

" I'm sorry..." Her father said" We're getting her tested at the hospital for sick kids...for epilespy...and some other stuff..."

" poor darling" The woman cooed

Ashton looked up at her and realized it could be applied to both of them but Ashton did say anything. She lifted up her paper to show the woman.

" It's just triangles..." Ashton said thoughtfully

The man beside her leaned in to look at the picture and then it happened...everything went faded and got blurry and then black. Blacker than black. Blacker than any of her black markers or crayons. Then the picture snapped into her face like a rubber band let loose. Something circular metalllic...burned in her brain...

" Back up...Just back...up...!" Ashton's Father pushed the man and his wife away.

" Oh my!" The woman muttered

The man beside her winced and cover their daughters wide eyes.  Ashton's father ignored both and hovered over his daughters convulsing form.

" She's going to be fine...any minute...she will be back...tired...but,,,back" He muttered

No one saw the man glare at his laptop and the ciruclar ball perched onto of it. Somehow it had followed him here...

The End

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