Loss of control


Konrad hisses at my thoughts and says something about rogues and burning them. He drops to Pandora’s side. I can feel her soul slipping away bit by bit. I make a guttural growling noise, stepping back. I lift my hands to my head, my brain sending signals of agony all over the place. I feel like my head is imploding. My muscles ripple, turning limp and I fall to the floor, cracking my head on the concrete. I hardly notice the added pain over what I already feel. I writhe helplessly, knowing no one is paying attention, no one can help me.

I can’t hold on to humanity any longer, the beast tearing away my last handhold on sanity. It seems like I'm watching from the sidelines, merely a spectator as my body, controlled now by something else completely, rises, attacking the first vampire it sees – Silvas.

I scream at my body to obey, but it’s not listening, totally under the sway of the beast. I don’t want to look any more, I don’t want to see what the beast is doing, but I can’t turn away, my sight fixed on my body and its actions.

The End

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