Losing the Fight

Pandora could feel something, she writhed around trying to get the vamp off her till she realised... The bite was soothing, sort of. She felt the cooling of his bite fight against the fire. But still she could not move. She had lost too much blood. She just wanted to sleep. "Just sleep, I want to sleep." A tear fell down her cheek, but still she could say nothing. Her fight was dying, as was she.

She looked back into her memories. Another tear fell. "How unfair, when one dies they see there life flash infront of them." She tried to think back, still nothing just a deep black hole. A deep black hole of nothing. Now she didn't care about the tears. Her body grew cold, spreading from where Konrad was touching her. "Sorry." She mumbled, she fought with all her strength to say that word. Meaningless as it was.

The End

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