Steve Lockhart slamed down the pay phone and let out a whisper of a curse. He quickly turned around to find his daughter still at that table he had sent her to. Ashton was coloring again. Ashton was always coloring on anything and everything. She came up with the most elaborate stories to come up with the pictures.

Steve wiped his frustration away and calmed his self down. He couldn't be impatient with Ashton. This wasn,t her fault. She didn't ask for this.

Ashton looked up at him and then looked down at the paper smiling. Steve wondered if she would ever just draw an ordinary picture with different size circles all suppose to be family memebers.

" I hope you weren't to bored waiting for me" Steve said smiling.

" You're mad at Mommy again"  Ashton said as she started drawing a wide triangle.

" Mommy and Daddy are just having trouble agreeing on something. Everyone does that sometime..."

Ashton started drawing triangles all over the page. Steve watched as she quickly flipped over the page and started drawing squares and triangles all over the page, in a frantic signal minded way.

Steve put his hand on Ashtons and slowly sat down accross from her.

He whispered softly " Slow down Ashton"

Ashton frowned at him but complied. She drew two very long lines and slowly drew two crooked lines at either end. Then she lifted it up. Closer and closer until it was almost in her face. Aprubtly Ashston threw it to the ground and buried her head in her hands.

Steve grunted and picked up the discarded drawing. He squinted and looked at her geometric masterpiece. She was the only kid he knew already drawing shapes.

" What's wrong with the picture?"

Ashton voice mumbled from between her arms " It doesn't look right! "

" It looks fine I see lots of shapes..." Steve struggled

" It's suppose to be a chocolate bar like the one I got a christmas"

" A Toblarone? Are you hungry Ashton?"

" Except this one is shiny and covered in words"

The End

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