Strange girls

" What are you Ashton?" Roxy asked again

Ashton shrugged her shoulders and kept flipping the pages of her picture atlas. Roxy squinted at the preschooler. Other than he mismatched eyes she appeared like every other three year old. She had dishwater blond hair that was falling out of two messy pig tails and she was covered in marker. Yet she was just like any other kid.

" What are you like three, four? And your already more powerful than me..."

Ashton shrugged again and slamed her atlas shut. She shuffled over to Roxy's map.

Ashon sighed " I'm bored. Can I color on that?"

Ashon pointed to the map and Roxy over reacted and swatted her hand away viciously. She open her mouth to shout but then clamped it shut. Ashton was just a child after all. Roxy felt like lowest being alive. Especially when Ashton winced and pouted through her messy hair.

Roxy ignored the map and crinkled her way to Ashton. She gently patted Ashton's hand and something happened...

Ashtn's higher senses slipped from her fingers and dripped right into Roxy's palm.  It was like salt water. It made her skin slick and wet. It dripped from her hair. Some how someway she had to fight through the salt's buyoant powers and see what was at the bottom.

Roxy gasped. Ashton didn't. She slowly pulled away and then got up and ran off. Roxy quickly stood up and walked a few feet bt found no trace of the strange girl.

The End

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