For the Blessing of the Mother!

Oh, for the sake of the Mother! Konrad, cursed, sending the thought with such vehemence that Alex took his hand off him, like he'd been burnt.

"Well, either way, he's a rogue, Alex. This is what must happen to rogues. They must burn! They have cast aside our rules, the rules they have sworn to live by!" and he released the power from the diamonds, making the sun pain the rogue more and more. 

"Stop it, Konrad... You don't want to do this... The Mother has plans for this one." Isabella intoned in her voice that wasn't hers and again Konrad was compelled to do it, unable to stop himself. 

"How do you do that, Isabella?", he asked angrily, as he released Silvas without wanting to, something in his mind that wasn't him did it without his permission. 

"Do what?" she asked, looking genuinely confused. "Errr... Konrad? Why've you let the rogue go?"

"You just told me to, Isabella! You have some power... The Mother..." His eyes widened, "The Mother has been speaking through you... You've been Blessed..." he could smell Silvas getting further away. "And you can get back here now, Silvas. I've not finished with you yet. Neither has the Mother, so stay here." He also saw Isabella look confused and then faint. She collapsed, and he only just caught her. And then... Pandora! He rushed over to her, and could see the bite marks. He created his own anti-venom, adding into a large amount of Power, and should heal her. He hoped. He bit her, carefully, lovingly, like he had earlier and pumped it into her.


The End

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