Konrad, Master of Vampires

Konrad knew it was time... Silvas was out of line, injuring Isabella. All his feelings for her rushed back.

"I, Konrad, Master of Vampires, Original Elder of Vampiric kind, order you to bow before me," and the magical authority of his position made Silvas obey. Whilst the rogue was doing as he had been commanded, Konrad probed his mind. He delved into his weaknesses, his few fears... And found it... Diamonds. How odd... He is Reversed... Affinity for silver, yet weakened with diamond... And he put this to use, creating black diamond shackles for his feet and arms, linking them with with another chain so he couldn't raise his hands any higher than his waist. A mask also appeared, made of black diamonds again, and it was just two slits so he could see and a shaped hole for his mouth. Then more diamond chains appeared, linking the vampire to the roof. Using more power in this form that nearly ever before, he changed the weather itself. Sun shone down onto the rogue in his own ring of Pure light. 

The End

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