Silvas spat Pandora's blood in Isabella's face. He placed a hand on her arm scratching into the skin as he touched her blood sillver shot from his fingertips lining the inside of her body. "Silvas.." He choked. "Master of silver." He growled as Isabella lost her grip. He kicked her to the floor. "Laughable, utterly laughable." He smirked a laugh burst from his blood stained mouth, the sweet, aromatic smell lingering around him. He transformed, into his true self. Wings opening and silver lining his skin. It burnt, but he knew he could control it. He looked at Konrad. "Diamonds." He cursed.

Pandora led on the floor, just cast aside like an unwanted ragdoll. She couldn't see anything, or move any part of herself but she could hear everything. The horrid sound of Silvas' roar. Isabella's voice and.. and.. She felt something inside her, something burning. The vampire venom burnt through her blood but she fought with all her might to keep it away. She tried to think of the cool snow of her homelands. Her homeland... snow? "Was my homeland here? Home... Argh! All I can think of is snow." A tear rolled down her cheek. "Why, why can't I remember anything!" The words didn't escape her lips, all she wanted to do was scream. "Arghhh!" No use, all it was, was echoes in her mind. Echoes that gave her a really bad headache.

The End

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