"NO!" Konrad yelled, the noise ripping it's way up his throat in an animalistic fashion, and could be heard four miles away, above the sound of the air traffic, and Isabella cringed in fear. She'd never seen this side of Konrad before... The side of pure rage and hate. "GET OFF HER!" He leapt at the rogue, transforming mid-leap. He landed behind him and swivelled, but even now Silvas didn't care. Claws extending from his nails, he coated them in diamond and then silver, protecting himself from the acidic affects. 

His claws ripped through vampiric skin, and Silvas turned, ready to defend himself, at last. But before he could do anything, Isabella was between them, hand on Konrad's chest and the few remaining clues of the major damage to Silvas' chest. 

"You will stop fighting, Children!" and Konrad glared at her, but he felt his arms drop, the voice that was talking to him was layered with command. Silvas did the same thing, and then Isabella dropped her hand from Konrad's chest and shot him a sneaky grin, before facing Silvas and grabbing his neck, gripping it so strongly that it almost snapped.

The End

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