Revenge is Sweet

Silvas sat bound in Konrad's chains. Pandora turned to Isabella. "Ahh, the infamous Isabella." She hissed through gritted teeth. She didn't know why she loathed her so much. Maybe because of the fact she blamed everything on Konrad, She was sure he wasn't all to blame. While she was hissing at Isabella, Silvas had his own ideas.

Silvas burned through the cloth, then stood up melting the silver part of the chain making the chains weaker. He snuck up behind Pandora. "Revenge, is sweet." He muttered into her ear. Her eyes became wide as Silvas bit into her neck. She moaned as she fell to her knees. " sweet." Silvas groaned, blood poured down the side of his mouth as he spoke. Pandora closed her eyes, her mouth twisted in pain as Silvas dove back into her neck. The only thing holding her up was Silvas' arm, wrapped around her stomach.

Pandora's eyelids flickered as she swayed between life and death, or rather undeath. She didn't want to be a vamp she must break his...The darkness enveloped her and her thoughts. A smirk came to Silvas' lips.

The End

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