A Not-So-Harmonious Greeting

The gas left Konrad's non-vital lungs, expelling itself suddenly. But Jet didn't re-appear... Maybe he'd expended his life trying to kill them? Konrad shrugged off the matter. It didn't bother him as long as someone wasn't trying to directly kill him.

"Hello, Konrad," an silky, ice cold voice greeted him, the owner of it behind Konrad and to the left.

Maybe not...

"Hello, Isabella. I assume you'll be taking your descendant with you, now you're leaving?" his voice as hard as a diamond and cold as the Arctic. 

"Oh, I'm not leaving, Konrad. You turned me, and then you tried to abandon me, but my daughters have made sure you could never escape. I came here because of two things - Isabella and the Mother of Night. I was already on the way," and then she smiled a vicious cat-like smile, showing off a row of even, deadly fangs.

"Fine, stay, if you must, but be warned, I will tolerate no nonsense from you," and he then turned around, "or from you, Silvas. I have a special greeting present for you." Shackles of silver and black diamond formed around his ankles and wrists, and then a black cloth appeared in his mouth as he was about to complain. 

"Oh, no. You turned Alex and abandoned him -!"

"Yo men luk yo dod wit Isabea!" was the muffled reply.

"No, not like I did with Isabella! They were completely different circumstances! Anyway, you turned Alex and imprisoned Pandora, and she has no recollection of her past. That is something you must pay for... Severely" and then he threw a vicious punch into the vampires stomach, breaking ribs and digging his unnatural claws into his chest, grasping the unbeating heart of the Undead being.

The End

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