Helpful Lies

Maria watched her brave Cade take the hand of the young girl she had been talking to beforehand as a call went over the intercom; ** Lilly Roubs please come to a member of staff. Who will take you to your mother** Maria put two and two together to see that the young girl was Lilly, and that the cower Maria saw from the child as she neared the desk was certainly not fake.

Lilly's mother didn't seem at all friendly, or even remotly dignified. It seemed she was drunk in public, the thought of which made Maria shiver. She didn't like to drink, except the occasional champagne. Firstly: it was costly, and she needed to conserve the little money she had left towards propelling herself back into society. And secondly: the effect alcohol had on the mind and body was not good as a way for The Highest Classed (albeit slightly poor) Lady to act.

But family had always been a comfort for Maria, and she suddenly felt an overwelming desire to actually help this person in need.

Before she knew what she was doing, Maria strolled over to the arguing adults, forgetting completly about the cylindrical object, and found her voice. "Darling? Is anything the matter?" she called to Cade as Little Lilly detached herself and ran over to Maria. She smothered the girl in Chanel purfume, and floral dress, then felt strange affection come.

"My dearest Lilly, what have these strange people been saying to you? Don't worry your proper Mum is here now..."

For once, it didn't matter how old Lilly was-she felt like a real daughter to infertile Maria, not just another yelling child. And lying didn't feel bad because it was to help the people who were ultimately to help her!

The End

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