Roxy went to the bathroom and changed back into her plaid shirt and jeans. Then she slipped her flip flops back on. The silence in the stall got to her. Never in her short life had she ever felt so alone. All of a sudden the tears fell down like Niagra falls.

Roxy flopped on the dirty toilet seat and let out a sound of despair. Half a sigh and half a moan. Where was she going? What was she doing? Ofcourse she didn't know. All she knew was that if she stayed here she would be trapped here. Trapped in the same life as everyone else. Trapped in the montony of getting that perfect life.

Roxy slowly got up quickly at let the blood rush to her head. With it came utter clarity. There was only one thing to do in this situation...Roxy didn't bother collecting herself further. There was no one...No there was no reason to clean up her face or wipe of her makeup.

She walked into a little snack shop and bought a map. The people looked at her oddly as she found a spot on the floor and unrolled the map. She spread her legs and used her feet as paper weights. Then Roxy closed her eyes and spread her open palms over the map. Her hand suddenly shook and tingled. Roxy instictively slapped her palm on to the map.

Isreal. What was in Isreal? Her. What was she doing in Isreal?

Roxy closed her eyes tighter. Then she felt someone poking her.

" What are you doing?" The squeaky voice said

Roxy looked up at the little girl and mumbled " Geography home work. Now bugger off."

The little girl ignored her dissheveled appearance and her anonyance and sat down crosslegged beside her.

" I live in Canada" The little girl said as she pointed to the North pole

Roxy took the little girls hand  and lowered down to the northwest territories.

" You live down lower. Where you are pointed is where Santa lives"

" Oh" She muttered " Is Santa coming soon?"

" No. No. We haven't even past halloween yet!"

Roxy tried to ignore her new visitor. SHe bent over the map and bent right over Isreal. Why was she in Isreal? What was is Isreal? The dead sea. Why was she in the dead sea?

" I've got my halloween costume already I'm going to be Hannah Montana. "

" Awesome why don't you go be Hannah Montana somewhere else?" Roxy muttered

The little girl sighed and got up. Roxy thought she was free and sighed but the little girl came back with a children's atlas and spalled on her stomach beside her. She started humming and flipping the pages.

Roxy sighed and went back to work. She ran her hand over Isreal over and over again She still didn't know why she was going there. There was something in Isreal. Something powerful and deadly. Something that needed to be in the right hands.

" I live here" The child pointed

Roxy sighed " Again that is the North Pole. You don't live in the North Pole? Where do you live?"

The child looked up. Roxy was suddenly startled by her mismatched eyes one was yellow, one was green. Roxy lived with someone with a disfigurment so she had no need to compose her face much.

Roxy looked at her more intently and said " Who are you?"

" Ashton" She muttered

Ashton went back to her atlas and went flipping through the pages again.

" No, who are you?"

The End

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