Worth the effort.

I never get the chance to kill Alex. I never get the chance to show the world that I have a conscience, either. As I feel myself breaking apart inside the vampire’s lungs, I'm drawn out of his body, leaving the human world. I reform on that dark plain again, Lucifer standing over me, his face looming above mine, victoriously grinning. I give in to the demon, screaming as he rips through my soul, claiming it as his own.


I thought I was dying, when that poison gas entered my lungs. I felt it attacking my body, beating back the beast and shutting down this pathetic shell of a body cell by cell. And then it was gone, just like that. I gasped in a breath of cold air, physical relief washing through me. I can’t say I was especially happy that it hadn’t managed to finish me off, but I noticed as I was thinking this, that the beast was unusually quiet.

Even now I'm not hungry yet. Maybe life is liveable again.

The End

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