Leaving her life

Roxy slowly opens her eyes. She blinks and moves her gaze from the flourescent lights. She realizes everyone is staring at her.

Some one mutters " Sleeping beauty has awakened..."

She realizes they are being sarcastic when she run her hand accross her cheeks. She had drooled and now had hair pasted to the side of her face. Roxy pulls the hair away disgustedly and wipes her face with the corner on her sleeve. But she still feels a slob. She probably looked like one too. What time was it anyway. Did she have time for a sponge bath? Roxy flipped open her cell phone. C***. She was in deep c***. She had missd her plane AGAIN !Her mother was going to hang her. Well not really. It was going to be much worse. SHe would have to keep living with her mother.

 Roxy went to the ticket booth and saw a familar figure. Roxy quickly turned away from her mother but it was too late.

" Roxy! Roxy Hart! Get back here!"

Roxy shouted " Are you nuts? I'd rather be castrated!"

Roxy's mother grabbed on to her collar and turned her around. Roxy stared at her mother's burnt face defiantly. It was a visable reminder to both of them the cost of love. Roxy's dear father had burnt down their house...with his wife and child in it. Roxy still wondered if he would have done so if he had known about her...

" Here I go trusting you again and every time you have to pull some sort of stuunt!" She shouted

Roxy grunted and pried her mothers hands off her collar. Her mother grabbed on to her hand and started hauling Roxy of to almost certain pretagtory.

" Come on were going home and staying there"

" Let me go! I'm not going any where with you! " Roxy screeched

Roxy's mother looked around at all the stares and at the security guard hovering near by.

She whispered " Come on Roxy, enough is enough. I tried to give you room but clearly that is not working..."

 " I hate you! You read my diary! You flushed my pot and I hate the food you cook! " Roxy screeched and started walking away.

Her mother flinched and shouted back. " Where are you going? You have no money. You have nothing..."

" Yeah I do" Roxy smiled evily

" Roxy don't do this just to get back at me!" Her mother shouted back

 " Why is everything all about you?" Roxy spat

" Because I know it is" Her mother whispered

 Roxy's mother watched her reason for living disappear from view. SHe would have cracked under her husbands fist if it wasn't for Roxy. Roxy's mother watched the air where Roxy had once stood. It shifted and shimmered. She counldn't ignore it anymore. Roxy didn't belong in this life. Roxy's mother didn't know where she would find home but she would find it. No one was a stuborn or as strong as her daughter.

The End

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