Captor's Call

The man walked towards the airport, the chill held no sway over him. His pale skin looked even paler against his brown hair and even darker brown eyes. His hair was placed back in a ponytail that graced his back. He had a silver sword by his side with a leather handle. Around his waist were seven silver chains, at the left hand side of his waist the chains met as one. A silver cross binding them.

"Silvas?" Pandora muttered, she could feel his presence close by.
"Pandora, It is I." The voice made Pandora shiver. Silvas appeared on the roof. He looked at Konrad. "Ahh, Konrad. Miss me? I'm the one that always escaped." His smile was cocky and arrogant. "I turned Alex and I captured Pandora. Now, because of the mother of night I have to help you." He laughed. "What a coincedence."

He looked at Konrad, and the others they were choking on some sort of... Silvas dropped to his knees. He coughed and spluttered as the gas invaded his lungs.  "God damn it." He growled.

The End

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