You Can't Understand

What was left for him? He honestly didn't know... Except for one thing. He needed to reconcile his differences with Isabella's family. He'd destroyed their honour. He needed to help them rebuild it... And he needed to kill Jet.

"Love, Jet. Something you can't understand." He sighed and his armour appeared again. "I don't want to fight again, Jet. I know you have a conscience. But, if you will insist..." and then a mixture of fire- and thunderbolts shot from spikes in his armour, and then shots of pure silver.


Isabella, the Original Isabella, had arrived just in time to see Konrad's latest attack on the demon. She willed herself onto the roof, and, stepping forward, she was there, the cold wind biting her angled, unfeeling face. She became her True self, face distorting to show her razor sharp fangs. She then leapt at Jet, wrapping her iron strong arms around the Inhuman's neck and bit his neck, ripping and tearing at it. She could sense Konrad looking at her, and she thought to him, Well, when the Mother of Night calls I'm not exactly going to ignore her, am I, now? Konrad grinned. 

The End

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