Is this the best she can do?

My kidnap doesn’t last long. I had hoped the violent presence that had taken me would kill me. My luck seems to hate me, though, about as much as I hate me. Konrad went after us and managed to “rescue” me. He set me down on the roof and got rid of the kidnapper guy. Kidnapper guy flew off the side of the building and disappeared out of view. I want to follow him, but I know I would survive the fall from the top of the building. Pandora tells me I’ll pull through but I shake my head. She doesn’t seem to understand. I can’t form words so I can’t explain to her that I don’t want to pull through.

She checks my body for physical damage, but that’s not the problem. It’s the beast... internally I'm fighting. The beast is destroying me, my vocal cords trashed, my heart beating too fast, my stomach constantly screaming for more. I try to push Pandora away, but I find myself grabbing her, rather than repelling her. The last of my humanity is weakening and though I try so hard to get her away from me, I can’t let go of her.


Konrad has seen my conscience. He sends me flying, but I manage to regain control over my direction, turning around, soaring back over to the roof.

‘He wants to die, Konrad! I wouldn’t be doing anything wrong by giving him what he wants!’ I shout as I land behind the vampire. He turns around to face me angrily.

‘You would kill my only vampiric ally, Jet! There’s a lot wrong with that.’ I nod and smile.

‘So the Mother of Night did fail you then? If this is the best she can do, what more is there left for you, Konrad?’  I jeer, provoking the vampire.

The End

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