Come back, Scum!

Konrad quickly reformed his bones and transformed into a eagle, pure black with red eyes. He concentrated on bins and benches, making them attack Jet.

"Come back, Scum! You don't want to do this, not really! I've been in your mind! You have a conscience!" He was exhausting himself, but he couldn't let the demon steal his only true ally. No... Pandora was a true ally. OK, his only vampiric ally. Eventually, a bench hit Jet's head and he fell, tumbling to the concrete ceiling of the airport. Konrad became his True self, wings sprouting from his back, and he plummeted, catching Alex and placing him carefully onto the roof. He then went to Jet's body, grasped his head, and, without mercy, lifted him by it and threw him off the roof.

The End

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