Can't Save Me Now

‘Come on, Kiddo. You're going to get through this. Come on! I can't let you die! I can't!’ Konrad says. I want to tell him to stop calling me Kiddo, but I can’t seem to form words. I watch as he cuts his hand and lets his blood well up and over the edges of the wound. My mouth opens against my will and the blood falls, splashing onto my tongue. Not enough. Never enough. I slap his hand away, crying. I can’t live like this! I hate the craving, the constant need, the dependence on someone else to help me out of this.

‘Why don’t you just kill me?!’ I yell at him, rolling away from him, balling up on my side, facing the wall. I would get up and leave, if I could. He doesn’t need me hindering him like this.


I sit and watch the new vampire – Alex – and Konrad arguing, interested as Alex falls to the floor, asking Konrad to kill him. As a moth, I flutter over head, transforming into my human glamour not far away. No one notices.

‘Let me help with this,’ I smile as I saunter over to Konrad and Pandora. Before either of them have a chance to react, I swing my arm around, letting the sword form as I swipe, hitting Konrad squarely in the chest. I hear a rib crack and Konrad cursing, but I don’t look around. I hit him with the flat of my sword. Something in me didn’t want to actually kill him. Weird. I knock Pandora to the floor, picking the new vampire up. His agitation and raging emotions feels so good this close to him.

I fly off with Alex in my grip. I know Konrad is following, but I don’t look around.

The End

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