Losing a part of me.

I’m only half listening as Pandora talks. She’s saying about how I'm losing control.

‘But can you survive without draining a whole human?’ I would like to. ‘...could not be quenched am I right?’ she asks. The beast inside me reacts violently. Of course it couldn’t... is this woman a total idiot? Doesn’t she realise just talking about this kind of thing is enough to set me off again? Somewhere in the distance I can hear Pandora and Konrad saying something.

‘This is worse than I thought,’ I don’t know who said it; all I can see is the back of my eyelids. The world is spinning. Unbalanced, I crash to the floor, where I roll onto my back, trying to open my eyes. I see Konrad hovering above me, his expression strange.

‘He’s losing his humanity, Konrad,’ a voice says, almost too quiet to hear. Everything is fading in and out. I can’t look at the sky. The stars look like spotlights, trained directly on me, like search lights pointing me out. I cover my ears as Konrad’s next words howl in my ears, too loud and distorted to hear. I feel my vocal cords stripped down as I scream into the night sky. The pain all over my body is unbelievable. I'm so cold that I feel like I'm burning, so hot that I feel like I'm freezing.

‘Kill me...!’ I say hoarsely before I realise the darkness is too dark, falling into nothingness.


The End

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