Sorry, How rude.

Pandora looked at him. "No, Indeed I haven't. My name is Pandora, I'm a skin-walker." She rolled her eyes as he looked confused. "I can turn into one animal. Also I live by the spirits, nature mostly. I can here the trees speaking, the wind and the water. Its good for self-control." She smiled looking over at the body that had been drained.

"You know, you need help. I know..." She paused breathing in, waiting for Alex to shout at her. "I know you have done well to survive. But can you survive without draining a whole human?" She stared into his eyes. "You really need help. The beast, is getting very angry. If I am not wrong." She looked at Konrad then back at Alex. "You drank alot before coming here, nothing happened. Your..thirst could not be quenched am I right?" She tilted her head. She could hear Alex's beast roaring inside him, scratching to get out. They could not let that happen. If a vampire looses its humanity it would be very hard to get it back.

The End

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