Introduced? or not....?

‘Right, Alex, you're going to stay with me. You need to stay with a trained vampire, and I know what drew you here. You didn't know there was a particular reason, right?’ I shake my head. ‘Well, that's the Mother of Night for you.’ I give the vampire a blank stare and he rolls his eyes. ‘I see you've got a long way to go before becoming a True Vampire. And whilst you're here, tell me everything you can about the rogue that turned you.’

I blink at the vampire. He claims to be the elder and then goes about bossing me around. This I do not like. The part of me that’s getting the urge to sucker punch this guy is growing quite a lot. I have a long way to go before I can be a true vampire, do I? It’s not exactly my fault, and this guy is acting like it is... like I'm a complete idiot. To be honest, to have survived as long as I have without getting hunted down, I thought I had been doing pretty well for someone that has no idea what’s going on with their life... I tell Konrad as much and he does not look happy.

‘Granted, you did well to survive this long, though how you managed it acting like that,’ he gestures to the body I had drained not long ago, ‘will be a mystery to me. Like I said, you have a lot to learn.’

‘That might be, but I don’t like the attitude you’ve got, Elder or not.’ I put a hand on his chest and push gently, resisting the strong desire to shove really hard and break his ribs. I close my eyes and breathe in deeply to calm myself. ‘I don’t want a fight, but I'm not a pacifist. I’m just letting you know,’ I give him a pointed look. ‘As for the rogue,’ I say moving off the subject, ‘there really isn’t much I can say about him.’

As I finish talking, I realise that neither the woman, nor Konrad are listening anymore. Konrad looks maybe even a little concerned by her.  She turns to me and fakes a smile for a second, offering to help “train” me. Konrad turns his irritated attention back to me, but I can feel something is wrong here. Either my presence and story have troubled them or whatever just happened with the woman - did she introduce herself to me? – was more worrying... maybe both?

‘I don’t think you did introduce yourself?’ I say awkwardly, embarrassed in case she did.

The End

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