A Helping Hand

Pandora turned to Alex and nodded. "Yes. I know you may have not wanted this but I will help." She smiled as best she could. The animal spirit inside her held 'Pandora' at bay. She had the sudden urge to kill Alex, like something was controlling her. She held her head in her hand, then shook her head.
"Pandora... Pandora... Go on. You know you want to. That animal inside needs blood, just like I do. Go on.. Go on..." She felt the voice like a pin inside her brain, for now she could control it... him. "Him, who was he.. His voice was so deep and... persuasive. No! No. I, I'm fine."  She looked at Konrad remembering he could read minds. "Sorry." She muttered under her breath.

She turned to Alex again. "I can help with your beast training, us Skin-walkers have great connections with bestial spirits of any kind." She smiled for a short second. Her eyes glazing over whilst she looked at Alex. She wasn't exactly thinking of anything... well, she must have been thinking of something. So, she wasn't thinking of anything but it wasn't quite nothing. It was definatly something...

The End

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