Thinking Back.

I think, I think I can remember something, rogue. Rogue. When I was a... captive to a vampire I think that I heard that. I think the man was a...Rogue. Pandora shook her head for a moment before looking at Konrad. "A rogue? You used to hunt them?" She seemed confused, Well, rogue. That.. I can remember. Everything else... not quite. I mean, Pandora Mark II. I remember.. no, do I? She wasn't waiting for Konrad's answer she was just caught in her...thoughts.

"Pandora mark I. A werewolf by the name of Lillith, I think. She escaped, but everything she remembered was... Not worth remembering. Myself.. Myself, Who am I?"
I don't know Pandora."
"How come I don't remember me?"
"I don't know that either."
"Who are you?"
"I'm You."
"How... You can't be?" 
"Yes, I am. Of course I am. I am Pandora, you are Pandora."
"I am not Pandora."
"Then who are you?"
"I...I don't know."

She blinked, only to find herself staring at the airport wall. 
"Since when did I start talking to myself?"
She looked up at Konrad. "What are you going to do then? I mean, about.. Alex." She seemed to have forgotten Alex was stood right there.
"But who is Pandora, if not me? Who am I, How would I answer that?" 
"I am Pandora, I don't know who you are."
"Shut up." 
"Make me."
"Don't. Shut up."

Pandora let out a low growl, not meaning to. She didn't want to go insane, not because of her past. She had an eternity infront of her. She didn't want spend an eternity in a straight jacket. 

The End

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