A rogue?

‘A rogue?’ I ask.

‘Yes,’ Konrad says impatiently, ‘a rogue. A lone vampire with no discrimination or rules.’ I shrug and he sighs, frustrated.

‘He wasn’t alone. But I wouldn’t have said he had any sort of rules, but then again, I was trying to kill him, not figure out who he was or what rules he lived by!’

‘Did you kill him?’ Konrad asks with a hint of amusement in his voice. My eyes narrow. He doesn’t think I have the ability to kill a vampire?

‘No, he was one of two that escaped. The only two that ever got away from me.’ My voice becomes challenging. ‘The first was the one that killed my family. The second was the one that turned me. I killed his friend though.’ I tell the elder vampire. He lapses into a brief, thoughtful silence. The woman looks from Konrad to me. I realise she never introduced herself. I'm about to ask her what her name is, when Konrad speaks again.

‘A vampire killed your family? Are you sure it’s not the same vampire?’ he looks at me thoughtfully, his eyes betraying his irritation.

‘Yes, a vampire killed my family. And no, they are not the same vampire. I’ve seen the one that killed my family once since then, but it was just after my transformation, so I was too weak and disoriented to do much about it. The one that turned me... I haven’t seen him around recently. I was on his trail for ages, but I lost him three or four weeks ago,’ I tell him, ‘Just before I got on that bus... it was an... eventful journey, to say the least.’ I frown to myself and get up off the ground.

‘What’s up, Konrad?’ I ask. His face looks a bit odd. Like he’s beginning to realise something.

The End

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