Watch Your Mouth, Kiddo

"Look, Kid. You may not like this life, but it's what you've got. Live with it. I felt like that the first hundred or so years, so another, what, 98 years, and you'll be fine with it." he leaned in closer, so he could smell the fresh blood on Alex's breath. "If you ever speak to me like that again, I'll wring your filthy neck and tie you up so you shrivel in the sun, OK?" Konrad turned around, disgusted, and thought about how his rage had ebbed as Pandora took his hand. He shook his head. He didn't need that. He'd been hurt enough when he found out what Isabella was. No one taught me anything. I had no tutor, no one to help me adapt. But... Would that mean... A rogue? No... He'd had them hunted down a thousand years ago...

"Alex, did a rogue turn you?"

The End

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