It was an accident.

‘I'm Konrad, the original vampire. I can do things you wouldn't be able to master in an eternity. Yeah? I'm an Elder, and without me, you wouldn't even be here. So, you understand?’ the vampire said. My eyebrow lifts a little at this statement. He’s a bit full of himself, isn’t he? I’m about to tell him where to go shove that, but he carries on. ‘Oh, Kid? Gabby, is it? You half-turned her? What kind of vampire are you? I'll show you what a real vampire is like.’ I feel sick as he mentions Gabby.

‘Look, mate,’ I say, glaring at the vampire, Konrad, ‘I don’t even want to be a f*cking vampire. Why should I care if you’re the original vampire? In fact, you’re the reason I hate my life so thoroughly! And what happened with Gabby was an accident.’ I yell at him. It was at that point the woman decided to step between Konrad and me.

‘Wait. Konrad, calm down.’ She said, before turning to face me, ‘Alex was it? Who is this Gabby?’ she asks, trying to calm Konrad down at the same time. He looks like he’s about to explode. I feel like I'm choking on the words I'm trying to spit out.

‘Gabby... she wanted to be a vampire. It was a mistake. I lost control of myself. I ran off... I was on a bus. I went to feed, but she followed... forced her blood on me. There must have been venom on my lips, because I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t want to make her like this.’ My eyes flick nervously to the seething vampire, ‘this is not a life I would wish upon anyone. And as for not knowing about you, Konrad, no one taught me anything. I had no tutor, no one to help me adapt. Considering this, I like to think up ‘til recently, I’ve done pretty well...’ Konrad really doesn’t look happy at what I just said, though which part of it he’s most angry at, I can’t tell.

The End

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