Pandora walked forwards, between Alex and Konrad. "Wait. Konrad, calm down." She looked into his eyes. "How come, you never told me you were an elder, THE vampire... Or didn't I need to know?" She thought, knowing full well he could hear her thoughts. She turned her back to her, now facing Alex.

"Alex was it? Who is this Gabby?" She halfed smiled. Trying to ignore the mad Konrad behind her. She backed up, acting like a sort of wall to stop Konrad. She tilted her head awaiting Alex's answer as she felt Konrad scrunch his fists into balls of anger. She held one of Konrad's hands. "Give him a chance, times change." She thought. Attempting, probably badly to calm down the beast. She saw what he could do, Alex was innocent, well... somewhat. No, let me rephrase that. He was more innocent than Jet. Yes. "Times change." She thought again.

The End

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