Don't Push It, Newbie

Alex pushed Konrad away and sank to the floor. Konrad was astonished. This kid didn't know who he was. He used to be the first thing that new vampire's learnt, after how to control the Beast. His eyes flared red, and just got redder and redder, until they were as dark as blood. 

"Look, kid. You don't know who I am, but that's gonna change, real quick. You're only here because of me. And you're gonna do everything I tell you, to the letter, or there won't be a you. Understand? 

I'm Konrad, the original vampire. I can do things you wouldn't be able to master in an eternity. Yeah? I'm an Elder, and without me, you wouldn't even be here. So, you understand?" He turned and was about to say something to Pandora, when he realised that the Newbie didn't seem to know why he was here.

"Oh, Kid? Gabby, is it? You half-turned her? What kind of vampire are you? I'll show you what a real vampire is like."

The End

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