Two years is just a drop in the ocean.

‘Was that really necessary?’ someone shouts at me. Okay so someone saw. Do I care? No, though I know I should. I shrug to myself and begin to walk off when someone grabs me and spins me around. I'm pinned up against the wall and I look up into this guy’s face. He doesn’t look like the type to mess about, so as much as I would like to push him off and teach him a lesson about messing with me, I don’t. Aside from his appearance, the guy’s a vampire; I can smell it.

‘Careless new blood,’ the vampire spits the words out like poison. I'm taken aback.

‘New blood?’ I ask him incredulously, ‘Two years isn’t that new...’ the vampire cuts me off with a bark of laughter.

‘Two years is nothing, newbie.’ He flicks a bug off his shoulder, still holding me against the wall with one hand. It’s dark and maybe it’s just my eyes aren’t as good as they are during the day, but I swear the bug just turned into a moth... maybe it was already a moth?

‘Fine, two years is nothing. Whatever. It’s been long enough for me,’ I say petulant. I'm not about to admit I'm a hunter to this guy. The woman that shouted at me walks over, interested.

‘Who is this?’ she asks the vampire. I smell the coffee on her breath as she talks.

‘I don’t know.’ The vampire says to her, then turns his attention back to me. ‘Name?’ he asks brusquely. I really want to smack the guy, but I restrain myself. I can feel how dangerous this guy is. Not that I know who he is. I get the impression that he expects me to know about him.

‘Alex,’ I tell him snappishly. The vampire looks at the woman with an expression that says “this guy is pushing it”. I push the guy’s hand off my chest, stepping away from the wall, rubbing my chest where he had applied pressure. I looked at him balefully and slumped back against the wall, resigned to the fact that these two were not done with me.

The End

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