A New Vampire, Already

Konrad was still on the roof, looking down. He was searching for auras. A vampire's aura was distinctly different from that of a human. 

After an hour, he saw a red aura move amongst the crowd. Move towards a smoker. Konrad could smell the acrid smoke of the cigarette up here. How could that vampire stand it?

He thought and his armour disappeared, and his clothes appeared. Jeans, a green Animal t-shirt, a black Nike hoodie, and some top-brand trainers. Konrad leapt off the top of the building and landed behind the new vampire. He had just stepped over the dead body of the smoker, and Konrad would have vomited, had he been able, the nicotine repulsing every inch of his body.

He waited until there wasn't anyone else around, and then he grabbed the vampire by the back of his shirt, spun him around and pinned him against the wall. 

The End

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