New Blood

Pandora stood, her whole body soaking from the rain. She shook herself then looked to see if she could see Konrad, he wasn't there. However she did she something, someone. He had... eugh. "Was that really necessary?" She shouted over to the vamp... not another one. But this one seemed... vicious. After all he had just killed that human, and for what? He should have had powers to silence him. Unless he was fairly new blood. Oh god, new blood.

She let out a low growl and shook her coffee cup before learning that it was empty. She crushed the cup and threw it, it landed very close to the last three, or four creating a small pile of polystyrene. "Damn. Empty." She had regained her blood but still wanted more caffeine. Maybe she should stop, after all it is supposed to be bad for you. She growled again before slipping to the floor. Splashing on the wet ground.

Pfft. New blood.

The End

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