Here for a reason.


I’m standing in the field, out of breath, hungry and undeniably scared. I have never felt quite so alone before. Sure, I’ve been lonely, and I have indeed been alone. But this is different. I have effectively cast myself out of society and rejected myself. There was someone that cared and I ran away from that! I slap my forehead. I shouldn’t have run away like that. Gabby needs me, really. But I can’t go back, not now.

I wander aimlessly through the field, wondering where to go. I don’t know what it is, but something clicks in my mind, and I find myself walking purposefully back the way I came. Towards the bus? Without making the conscious decision, I begin to run, picking up speed until whatever surrounds me becomes a blur and I can’t see because the wind is stinging my eyes. I pass the smouldering wreck of the bus, the crowd of people waiting for the new one, the angel with Gabby. Guilt stabs at me, but I can’t stop. When I finally slow down enough to see where I am, I do a double take. I have no idea where I am, but the scenery is totally new. I'm outside an airport.

I double over, my lungs screaming at me angrily. I don’t realise how fast I must have been running until then. I’m exhausted. I see some guy on his own wandering around outside the airport buildings and I walk over to him.

‘Sorry, I don’t suppose you could help me?’ I say, plastering a smile on my face.

‘Sure.’ The guy turns to me, his chin wobbling as he moves his jaw to talk. The way his chin becomes his neck and ripples with every slight movement repulses me slightly, but I’m far too hungry to care about what my food looks like.

‘Thanks,’ I say with a smile. I think that’s when he notices my eyes are red; his face drops and he opens his mouth to shout as he takes half a step back. I punch the guy square in the face before he can yell anything; I grab his head and twist viciously, breaking his neck. His body crumples as the spinal cord is broken, killing him. I open him up quickly and drink from him right there. I do not care if anyone can see. I take all I can from him, pumping his dead heart to get the last little bit out. I rise, wiping my mouth. I can see clearly now, I don’t feel dizzy or sick. I feel pretty good, even if his blood was a little fatty. Stupid smokers. Don’t they know how much fat goes into their arteries from smoking? Ugh.

I look up at the building before me and, stepping over the body of the man, make my way over to it. I'm here for a reason; I can feel it in the cold dark air. I just need to figure out what that reason is.

This character is from the protag bus. If the first part of this chapter doesn't make sense, then I would advise you read the last few chapters he was in on the bus.

The End

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