I escape outside, following the vampire before Roxy notices me. The unnatural rain slices into my skin, the freezing cold making me shiver. Something has been different since that curse, and since the vampire forced me to lift the curse on him. I feel more... human than I have in a very long time. I don’t understand the emotions coursing through me right now; I don’t understand the weird feeling in my glamour’s gut. Maybe I’ve just spent far too much time in this form? I transform into a large moth, my wings black with silver lines and follow the vampire raven. Candles cluster around the vampire and he says something I miss. I hide my presence and creep closer.

‘Great Mother of Vampires, Mother of Night, I plea for your aid. I have encountered an enemy of Vampire kind, and destroy him I must, or else he shall destroy our kind,’ he lifts his head and lightening spikes down from the angered sky, striking the vampire. This cannot be good. Calling aid from the vampire god thing. I’ve never been sure about this, but obviously Konrad knows. I have no one to call on. Not now that I have officially declared that I have no allies. I curse myself for being so stupid. I should have just stuck with the curse Konrad gave me and waited. I drift through the harsh rain, impervious. I flutter around behind Konrad and land on his armour. He doesn’t notice.

I crawl up the back of his armour invisible against the black of the diamond surface that encases him to the slight weakness at the neck of the armour. I have to be extremely careful here. As powerful as I am, my glamour is vulnerable. Another strange feeling pulses through me and this time I recognise the stab of reckless self hatred. I don’t care if he kills me, I realise. I just want to leave him with a fatal wound. At least that way if I'm killed, he won’t survive either. Bitterness makes my wings tremble as I crawl to the weak point of the armour. I transform into a silver ant, and drop into the armour.

The End

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