Blood... Constantly Needing Blood

Konrad looked at her wrist. He wanted her blood. No, he needed her blood. Not just to help him gain strength, but it was an urge. One he hadn't had since Isabella. He closed his eyes, purging his mind of the memories that had sprung up with that name. He could smell her blood. It was calling to him. Singing to him. He sighed in relief. She was willing to give up some of her blood. He needed it. It was perfect. 

He struggled to his feet, and raised her wrist to his mouth. He grew his fangs, and gently pierced her wrist. She flinched in pain, but the natural painkillers in his fangs deadened her arm. He drank, and drank, until his stomach started to ache, and she started to struggle to stand. He sat her down, looking into her eyes. As soon as he knew she was fine, he closed his eyes and concentrated on the deep hole in his side. It ejected the bolt head, the silver starting to burn like magma, and he healed the wound as well as he could, although it still left a large, ugly red scar on his side. 

"I've got to... Go be a vampire for a while." he whispered to her, kissing her cheek slightly, and then he turned and walked outside. His armour appeared, and he drew upon it's power to change the very weather itself. The clouds drew in, and in less than thirty seconds a heavy shower of freezing rain was pouring down.  He grinned, and became a raven, flying to the roof. 

Candles appeared from nothingness, and he lit them with a wave of his hand. They smoked, but didn't go out. He knelt and bowed his head.

"Great Mother of Vampires, Mother of Night, I plea for your aid. I have encountered an enemy of Vampire kind, and destroy him I must, or else he shall destroy our kind, destroying our people completely." Lightning struck him, and he felt invigorated. He had never been this powerful. He knew he had allies on the way. The Mother of Night wouldn't fail him, and he wouldn't fail her.

The End

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