Pretty much useless anyway.

Pandora turned back laughing, she rushed to Konrad's side and helped him up before pulling the bolt out of his side. "You okay?" She looked into his eyes, "You shouldn't be so careless." She looked at his wound, then held her wrist up so it was parallel to his mouth.

"Go on. I regenerate blood remember?" She knew it would help his transformations but also it would make him stronger, like human blood would. But, unlike some other humans she would not slit her wrist and force it upon him, it was his choice. She knew that there was a slim chance she could become a vampire, but for that to happen she would have next to no blood and she trusted Konrad. Well, as much as you can trust a wounded vampire. She smiled a rather weak smile. "I accept your apology by the way." She looked at him. "Although the form of a dog? To say sorry to a cat... Now you are strange." She laughed.

The End

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